Herman Story Bolt Cutter 2017 - Vine Republic
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Herman Story Bolt Cutter 2017
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Herman Story Bolt Cutter 2017

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You know him only by his ring name, Rage, but he just took home the bare-knuckle brawling belt in a vicious onslaught of left jabs and right hooks. Still bleeding from his eye, he exits the makeshift parking lot ring, flips off the crowd, and hops in his black-on-black Silverado. On the way home, he picks up his lavender-shampooed Bichon Frise from the groomer, a dozen roses for his wife, and the poet laureate's newest chapbook. He's got a bookshelf next to his barbells and a spice garden not far from his speed bag, where he eats plums and sips kopi luwak coffee. You might think that makes him soft, but you wouldn't dare say it to his face.
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  • we94

Deep and dark aromas of cassis, roasted black cherry, snickerdoodle and gingerbread show on the nose of this blend of 48% Cabernet Sauvignon, 27% Petite Verdot and 25% Syrah. It's lush and powerful on the palate, where black-currant paste meets with star anise, nutmeg and violet flavors. Bright acidity lifts it all.

Matt Kettmann, April 1, 2020