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Aguardiente Cristal Sin Azucar
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Aguardiente Cristal Sin Azucar


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Category Liqueurs & Cordials
Region Colombia
Brand Aguardiente Cristal
Alcohol/vol 29%
Cristal Sin Azúcar 100% Colombian Spirit is produced in Manizales Colombia from the best sugar cane, distilled, charcoal filtered and blended with pure mountain spring water from "El Nevado del Ruiz" and the finest anise essence to create the world's smoothest and most delicate aguardientes. Cristal Sin Azúcar is produced using modern techniques that give it a special taste which puts Cristal Sin Azúcar at the forefront in the production of Aguardientes. This beautiful crystal clear spirits is soft, clean, and creamy with a silky mouth-feel. 0% Sugar and offers excellent mix ability in a variety of cocktails. A rich tasting rum with toasty aromas of light toffee and hints of chocolate, honey and molasses.