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Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum 1.75L
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Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

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Category Spiced Rum
Origin Puerto Rico
Brand Captain Morgan
Alcohol/vol 47.3%
Proof 95.00
Using only the finest Caribbean rum, distilled from blackstrap molasses and select spices, like clove and cassia, Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum is finished with double-charred, blackened oak. This makes for a bold, black rum with a surprisingly smooth finish.
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This new spiced blackstrap rum is dark and dangerous, with a cola-like flavor that explodes into spicy fireworks of cinnamon and clove. Rum aged in double-charred blackened barrels results in an oaky, slightly bitter edge. Some may prefer the lighter hand of the original Captain Morgan for rum and Cokes.

December 1, 2012