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Miller Lite 1/4 Barrel Keg
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Miller Lite

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1/4 Barrel Keg

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Category Lager
Origin United States, Wisconsin
Brand Miller
Alcohol/vol 4.2%
Servings 111 – 12 oz., 83 – 16 oz.
The quality and combination of malts is what gives beer its color. We use a precise combination of pale and crystal barley malts to achieve Miller Lite's deep, golden hue. Aroma is extremely important as it influences about 80% of what we perceive as flavor. We use Galena hops and specially grown barley to give Miller Lite a medium malt and hop aroma. Taste is how it all comes together. Our beer has a hop-forward flavor and solid malt character. It's smooth with a light to medium body and a crisp, clean finish.
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